By Duncan Smith

One by one, Democratic authoritarians are attempting to tell Americans to forego celebrating Thanksgiving with their families.

And of course, the refrain is a familiar one: Muh coronavirus!

Well, according to a just-released survey, the majority of Americans are giving those Democrats the bird while they prepare to cook and eat one of a different kind.

Breitbart News reports:

A majority of Americans, including a majority of supporters of both President Trump and Joe Biden, say they will spend Thanksgiving with their families despite the coronavirus pandemic, a Morning Consult survey released Monday found.

The survey, taken November 10-13, among “more than 2,000? U.S. adults, found that a majority of Americans, 59 percent, plan to spend Thanksgiving with their family “in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.” …

The survey also found a plurality of adults indicating they “will not talk about politics.” One-third said they will not talk about politics “unless someone else brings it up,” and 15 percent said that they “will bring up politics.”

Mostly, Americans are increasingly fed up with elected Democrat hypocrites like that bozo Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who recently told New Yorkers not to celebrate Thanksgiving with anyone but immediate family after admitting he would be visiting his 89-year-old mother for the holiday.

He later canceled those plans after coming under fire, again, for his hubris.

But he’s not the only Democrat who’s guilty of being a raging hypocrite with COVID restrictions — and he won’t be the last.

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