By Duncan Smith

If the results of a new survey are any indication, the vast majority of Americans are disgusted with current voting rules (especially those that were simply made up in time for this election so Democrats could steal results).

According to Just the News, nearly nine in 10 voters surveyed in conjunction with Rasmussen Reports want changes including purging names of people from voter registration lists who have died or moved out of the district (this is already supposed to be done under a provision of a Clinton-era voter registration law nicknamed “Motor-Voter”).

The outlet reported:

In a broad survey of opinions about election procedures, 88% of voters agreed that government officials should be required to remove from public files the names of voters who have moved or died since the last election. 

A further three-quarters of voters, meanwhile, believe that ballots should be received by Election Day at the latest rather than by a post-Election Day deadline. More than eight out of 10 voters agreed that bipartisan observers should be permitted to observe ballot counting procedures “for every step” of the process. 

And just under 70% of respondents said that governments should be required to report vote totals on Election Night. 

There is no reason these changes can’t be made or implemented, except that Democrats will refuse then lie by claiming the changes will ‘disenfranchise minorities’ like they always claim.

But in fact, minorities are disenfranchised when their votes are overturned by theft.

If we the people don’t reclaim our institutions and especially our election system, there won’t be any reason to remain in this ‘republic.’

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