By Duncan Smith

The way Democrats and the party’s propaganda division, the ‘mainstream media,’ have treated President Donald Trump and his administration regarding their top-notch, no-holds-barred approach to confronting the COVID-19 pandemic is a national disgrace.

No doubt people from other countries who were watching those jackals tear down our president day after day, despite the fact that he deployed every level of power and every resource available, were sometimes disgusted as well.

After all, when the man said a month or so ago that he believed we’d have a COVID vaccine before the election, he was accused by these ghoulish morons of:

— Politicizing the virus (which is what they’ve been doing now for months);

— Skipping over safety protocols to purposely endanger Americans (like the president and the Big Pharma companies developing the vaccine want an unsafe vaccine);

— Ignoring ‘the science’

Well, on Friday, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany gave the disgusting media absolute proof the administration’s efforts to protect Americans has been effective at lowering death rates for some of the most vulnerable.

Just the News reported:

As treatment for the infection improves, the White House on Friday noted a sharp drop in COVID-19 related death rates among elderly and middle-aged Americans. 

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany presented a fatality chart showing deaths over time per hundred cases for various age ranges. According to the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, deaths have come down for every age group, especially for those over age 70 — the age range marked with a red line.

“That red line is a testament to what this President has done,” McEnany said Friday afternoon. “Therapeutics, monoclonal antibodies — that is a recent one — that reduces hospitalization in high-risk seniors with moderate to mild COVID by 70 percent. That’s American ingenuity rising to the occasion, and President Trump oversaw all of this.”

She also reminded the press jackals that initial estimates from ‘experts’ claimed there would be 2 million American deaths from the virus.

As of Friday, the ‘official’ count had surpassed 250,000, though there have been questions all along about the way the CDC is counting COVID deaths.

In any event, the Trump “Operation Warp Speed” initiative literally led to the creating of a brand-new vaccine over the course of several months, not several years.

If Biden was in the White House, there wouldn’t even be one on the horizon, let alone well into production and ready for distribution.

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