By Duncan Smith

Utah went big for then-GOP nominee Donald Trump in 2016 and again this year, and by a lot (58 percent-38 percent over Joe Biden).

It’ll be interesting to see if Utahans will continue to back that Massachusetts carpetbagger, Mitt Romney, when he comes up for reelection.

All he’s done since he’s been in office is cast aspersions at the president…and his legions of supporters.

Including in his own state of Utah.

Romney did it again on Wednesday, and of course, as usual, in a left-wing media venue.

The carpetbagger told David Axelrod’s podcast that Trump’s claims of voter fraud seem dubious because “the president said before the election that if he were to lose, it would be because of voter fraud.'

'At this stage, we haven't heard any evidence of a widespread voter fraud effort that would result in a change in the outcome of the election,” he added.

Fact check: That’s a lie.

“I'm surprised that there are as many people as you say that give it credibility even within our own country because the president said before the election that if he were to lose, it would be because of voter fraud, it would be because of corruption,” the carpetbagger continued.

“And then a day or two after the election, when the vote was called by the major networks, he indicated that there was massive fraud and that he had been robbed of the victory and that was before any evidence has been gathered.'

He added, 'It's one thing to charge a crime before you actually see any evidence. Normally you find evidence, and then after seeing evidence, then you reach a conclusion about whether or not there was a crime committed. But I understand the president is not happy with the result. He's entitled to pursue his legal remedies. But I think in all likelihood it's pretty clear that Joe Biden will become the next president.'

The president’s campaign legal team has been saying for days they are in possession of scores of sworn affidavits from whistleblowers and witnesses — people who work with and for Dominion Voting Systems and other companies linked to allegedly fraudulent ballot stuffing for Biden.

Maybe Romney the finance guy doesn’t know anything about the law, but sworn affidavits, by their very nature, are evidence.

So, by refusing to acknowledge them, Romney’s feeding into the massive media disinformation campaign that claims Trump’s legal team ‘has no evidence’ of the alleged fraud.


That doesn’t mean said evidence will be enough to change outcomes but to say that the campaign “has no evidence of voter fraud” is a big, fat lie.

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