By Duncan Smith

Michigan residents are being punished once again as Queen Gretchen Whitmer announced a new round of coronavirus lockdowns that didn’t ‘curb’ the spread of COVID-19 last time and aren’t going to do so this time, either.

And just in time to ruin Thanksgiving for everyone (while, no doubt, she and her royal family will get to enjoy their own get-together, we are wagering).

Now mind you, the Michigan Supreme Court has previously ruled that her endless coronavirus lockdowns are unconstitutional.

So she decided to blow past that ruling by ordering her state health agencies to issue new lockdowns.

Fox News added:

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced new restrictions on Sunday aimed at mitigating the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The situation has never been more dire,” Whitmer said Sunday. “We are at the precipice, and we need to take some action.”

Starting Wednesday, in-person classes at high schools and colleges statewide and eat-in dining at restaurants and bars will be suspended until Dec. 8.

According to Whitmer, all organized sports and group excercise classes will be canceled. However, gyms will remain open for individual excercise with strict safety measures and professional and college athletics will be allowed to continue as well as outdoor dining and take out. In addition, casinos, movie theaters, bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, bingo halls, arcades and indoor water parks will have to temporarily shut down, and all businesses are asked to allow employees to work from home if possible.

Gatherings inside homes will also be limited to two households at a time under the new order. Health officials strongly urge familes to pick a single other household to interact with over the next three weeks. Whitmer

'Indoor gatherings are the greatest source of spread, and sharply limiting them is our focus,' said Robert Gordon, director of the state Department of Health and Human Services. 'The order is targeted and temporary, but a terrible loss of life will be forever unless we act. By coming together today, we can save thousands of lives.'

Whitmer asked people to “make the difficult but right choice” and avoid large gatherings during the holiday.

'If you are considering spending Thanksgiving with people outside of your household, I urge you to reconsider,' Whitmer said.

The good patriots of Michigan should ignore this ‘order.’

Whitmer does not have any authority to issue it, and since she derives her power from the governed…

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