By Duncan Smith

If someone would have told us even four years ago that the social media giants — Facebook, Twitter, Google — would resort to censorship to push a left-wing authoritarian agenda, we’d have said they were crazy.

Especially the president of the United States,

And yet, it’s 2020 and here we are.

There is so much bile and disdain for President Trump among the tech lords they now brazenly censor him, ‘fact-check’ his posts, and de-list him as president in a way that is unthinkable.

And Americans are putting up with it.

For now.

A newly published column by George Mullen, an author and analyst who correctly predicted the 2007 economic collapse, believes there is a day coming in the not-too-distant future in which war is launched against the tech gods in retaliation for the ‘war’ they declared on America through censorship and other online behaviors believed to have altered this year’s presidential outcome.

He writes:

Let me paint a dark hypothetical picture of what may unfold in the not-so-distant future:

On a Wednesday morning, about 11:00 am, the headquarters of Twitter, Facebook and Google suddenly collapse in massive bombings. Simultaneously, all their data centers, cloud farms, server farms, back-up headquarters, as well as backups to backups, are destroyed in raging fires. (Note that the CIA, FSB, CCP, MI6, Mossad and others know exactly where all their hidden back-up facilities are located.)

The initiator of the attacks immediately declares that its war is solely against Twitter, Facebook and Google in retaliation for their attacks, or impending attacks, upon them. The initiator makes it clear that it is not attacking the United States, and calls for maintaining peace. Question – will Americans be willing to send their children to war to fight and die for these TFG billionaires who have been undermining America? Unlikely.

The initiator of such an attack in this scenario could be a nation-state, a nation-state incognito, a well-funded terrorist organization, a competing corporation, a motivated billionaire or two, a former president who thinks an election was stolen from him, or a combination of these interests. The motive may be self-preservation, seeking to conquer a valuable asset, replace a valuable asset with their own, destabilization of America or the global markets, anarchy, distraction, or simple revenge.

Such an attack could come from an aggressive totalitarian power, or perhaps a democratic nation seeking to defend itself. Totalitarian regimes don’t give TFG leeway within their realms, whereas, democratic nations give them nearly unfettered access, making them uniquely vulnerable to TFG aggression. For example, what would Great Britain do if it discovered that Twitter, Facebook and Google were deploying their same 2020 censorship tactics in an attempt to alter the results of Britain’s next parliamentary elections or Brexit referendum?

The TFG Boys think their risk in tinkering with geopolitical affairs of state is limited to a responsive hack attack, a courtroom, another congressional subpoena, or at very worst, removal of their Section 230 immunity protection. The Boys are misunderstanding the new game they are playing; their new opponents are playing for keeps.

“The TFG Billionaire Boys who built these companies think they are untouchable, but they are not. They are not protected like the president of the United States, nor do they have the U.S. military at their disposal to protect their assets. As such, the Boys, their families, and their employees are likely in significant personal danger,” Mullen continued.

“In 2020, the TFG Billionaire Boys went full Orwellian on America. In turn, the totalitarians will soon go full Caesar on them. You reap what you sow.”

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