By Duncan Smith

It seems rather obvious that, in order to achieve diplomatic breakthroughs, countries and entities should try a different approach to resolving problems.

Like considering real compromise and laying down prejudices.

For decades, literally, there have been simmering rivalries, blood feuds, and threats of war (and actual war) between Israel and its Middle Eastern and Arab neighbors.

The last time there was a real breakthrough in peace in the Middle East was in the late 1970s, when — of all people — President Jimmy Carter and his diplomatic team was able to arrange a peace deal between the Jewish state and one-time sworn enemy Egypt.

Since then, there have been stops and starts and new attempts with each passing administration to reach new peace agreements.

All of them failed, for one reason or another. And worse, subsequent administrations appeared to merely pick up where the previous administration left off.

Nothing got resolved…until Donald Trump came into office.

While some of the thornier issues between Israel and some of its Arab and Middle East neighbors remain volatile and unresolved, the Trump administration has managed to broker more peace agreements in the region than any previous administration bar none.

PJ Media has more:

The experts all told us Donald Trump had no chance to win the presidency in 2016. Then he had the audacity to win anyway.

The experts all told us Joe Biden would crush Donald Trump in 2020, and that the Democrats would sweep Congress. Reality intervened: Republicans gained in the House, have more than a shot at keeping the Senate, and the presidential election was diabolically close whatever its ultimate outcome turns out to be. …

Perhaps no defiance of the experts was more audacious than Trump's decision to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. …

Previous presidents for more than 20 years, Republican and Democrat, were under U.S. law move that embassy. None had followed through. They listened to the experts and signed waivers every six months keeping the embassy in Tel-Aviv and the land on which the embassy was supposed to stand in Jerusalem, an empty lot.

Trump promised to make the move during his 2016 run for the presidency, but he actually intended to follow through, and in late 2017, he did.

Israeli's mostly welcomed the news, but the experts mostly don't listen to them.

‘The experts’ predicted the region would implode — that moving a U.S. Embassy to the rightful capital of Israel would somehow trigger nuclear World War III.

It didn’t. Once again, the ‘experts’ were wrong.

But alas, Joe Biden, the least correct of all the ‘foreign policy experts’ over the years, may be about to steal his way into the White House, as PJ Media notes further:

As we approach the end of 2020, instead of war, stability has broken out across the Middle East. Israel has normalized relations for the first time with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan — all Arab states. These are the first normalizations of relations between Israel and any Arab state in decades. The Abraham Accords are historic. The experts never even saw them coming, and have failed to assess them accurately ever since. The Palestinians find themselves so marginalized they quit their chairmanship of the Arab League — and no one noticed.

Now Joe Biden is the biggest threat to peace in the region. The experts won't tell you so, of course. If he puts the Palestinians back front and center, as the experts tell him he must, and if he re-enters the Iran nuclear deal, as he has already said he will, Biden will once again get foreign policy wrong as his Obama administration colleague Robert Gates says he most often does. From the jaws of peace, Biden would increase the risks of violence and war.

But at least the experts get to take their seats back at the table. That's what really matters in Swamptown Washington.

It has never been more urgent to keep President Trump in office. After all, he won, and even Democrats deep down know that.

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