By Duncan Smith

We don’t believe for a moment that President Donald Trump is ready to concede to Democratic rival Joe Biden.

But that said, we do know our president is a forward thinker and business mined, so he’s got to at least consider the possibility that, despite obvious widespread vote theft, he may have to leave the White House at the end of the day.

According to sources close to the president who allegedly talked to Axios, Trump is planning a post-presidency media empire that he will use to “wreck Fox” News after the network appears to have bailed on him.

'He plans to wreck Fox. No doubt about it,' a source close to the President allegedly told Axios.

Adds the Daily Wire:

The president has extensive email and cell phone lists from his 2016 and 2020 campaigns that he can use to help launch a media venture. Trump may also use rallies late in the year, ostensibly for building support for his election legal fight with Biden, to bash Fox News to his base. Many of the members of Trump's target audience for a media venture are likely Fox viewers.

Trump is planning to sidestep the boundaries of launching a cable network and moving straight to an online streaming/subscription service.

'Trump's digital offering would likely charge a monthly fee to MAGA fans. Many are Fox News viewers, and he'd aim to replace the network — and the $5.99-a-month Fox Nation streaming service, which has an 85% conversation rate from free trials to paid subscribers — as their top destination,' Axios reports.

Again, no question about it: We want the president to have his second four-year term.

But we’ll be tuning into his new network if it comes to that instead.

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