By Duncan Smith

By now, readers have probably seen the level of desperation in the ‘mainstream media’ along with their Democrat and RINO fanboys and girls imploring President Donald Trump to concede, already, because he lost ‘fair and square.’

The president, of course, is being the president: ‘Like hell, I will.’ He’s contesting several states that suddenly stopped counting ballots on Election Night and have since gone to Joe Biden.

That’s exactly how best to win reelection, and the Democrats — including CNN contributor Van Jones, a former Obama administration official — know this.

First, some background from Top Trade Guru:

He are the very likely scenarios that get Trump a second term

  1. Recounts & lawsuits can flip votes – correcting glitches and massive fraud could put Trump ahead. Leads in some states are small; and a few thousand votes can change the game.
  2. Electors can choose a candidate – some states permit electors to select a candidate that's different from the state's popular vote. Van Jones fears that some states, because of fraud, will conclude Trump is the real winner when you only count legal votes.
  3. 12th Amendment – On December 14th, if a President has not been selected by the Electoral College, the vote automatically goes to the House of Representatives. One House representative from each state gets to vote. Republicans have 26. Democrats have 23. Assuming [party line] vote, this translates to a second term for Trump. (Note: There is no evidence Trump is preparing to use this strategy).

Here’s Jones explaining it:

[Note: Van Jones is obviously biased. He frames the processes and options available to Trump (specifically the 12th amendment) as a policy mistake. However, it is actually codified in the 12th amendment very specifically. Also, he neglects to mention the massive voting fraud that needs to be corrected. He says the fraud is unfounded.]

But as they say, wait…there’s more:

The close race has triggered AUTOMATIC recounts in the following states.

  • Georgia has a recount
  • Pennsylvania has a recount
  • Nevada has a recount
  • Wisconsin has a recount
  • Michigan has a recount
  • Arizona has a recount

And there is ample evidence now that fraud has occurred in more than one state.

So you have to ask yourself, why were the Democrats and the media so blatant in their cheating.


They really believe they can get away with stealing this election and booting Trump out of office, where he will no doubt be subject to prosecution for the ‘crime’ of winning an election.

Michael Flynn attorney and former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell has more:

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