By Duncan Smith

There are so many things that ‘don’t seem right’ during this election, and one of them is Georgia, a solid red state, suddenly turning…purple.

Or blue, even.

Granted, it looks like Arizona is officially purple now, what with both of its senators now Democrats after Mark Kelly appears to have defeated incumbent GOP Sen. Martha McSally (we’ll wait and see how the balloting turns out for president turns out).

Arizona had been trending that way for a couple years, ever since the RINOs Flake and McCain left office.

But Georgia? C’mon….

In any event, after seeing Democrats cheat their rear ends off in battleground states around the country, some pundits are sounding the alarm that the GOP better get down to the Peach State now to make sure that both Senate races, which are going to recounts, do not end up getting flipped blue in the same way Trump’s victories were stolen.

Jordan Davidson writing at The Federalist notes:

State officials have acknowledged that there is evidence of voter fraud in this election already and in a race in a state with tight margins, those instances must be investigated by vigilant GOP Georgia officials.

Republicans must take preventative measures to ensure that the runoff election in January is safe and secure before things heat up. Waiting to see how the pending presidential election plays out is passive and naive. The time to act is now.

The fight for the Senate is one worth fighting. To give in to the left's kicking and screaming or to cave to the media's lies at this point in the battle would be cowardice. The pressure is on and the GOP must defend the Senate, the Republican Party, and the nation.

If conservative leaders choose to back down now, this potentially lone safeguard protecting the U.S. from radical policy initiatives led by the left will crumble. Democrats will spend the next two years defunding the police, passing the Green New Deal, raising taxes on working Americans, undoing coronavirus economic recovery plans, promoting legislation to protect murdering babies in the womb, and other insane policy that at least half of the country disagrees with.

The nation is depending on Georgia leaders to stand up and search for the truth. To discredit and push back on the media's lies and to seek the truth about election integrity in an already contested election.

The GOP must be astute, wary, and willing to strike at any moment. If they don't, there will be consequences for the nation.

She is absolutely right.

The GOP gained seats in the House and gained a Senate seat in Montana.

They also gained in or defended Statehouses around the country and added more legislatures.

But losing the Senate while Nancy Pelosi holds the House and Biden’s handlers hold the White House is unacceptable.

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