By Duncan Smith

In the few days since Election Day, there has been a lot of analysis regarding the results, most of which appears to be surprise that Republicans down-ballot from President Trump did so well on the state and national levels.

The GOP won or kept state races they were targeted (and, according to the ‘polls’ expected to lose), and picked up seats in Nancy Pelosi’s House while retaining control of the Senate (and might even expand by a seat if John James wins Michigan).

But…Trump is losing?

How is that possible?

Joy Pullmann, executive editor at The Federalist, makes some of the best points on this we’ve seen thus far:

All of this adds up to a picture in which, if these very even races tip any way at all, they are tipping Republican. This seems to match the national picture as well.

It would be mystifying if Republicans won more seats in the House, retained the Senate, and picked up state legislative seats, all while the same voters voted against Trump. Trump has solidified his support among Republican voters and enjoys a massive approval rating from them he didn't have in 2016, and expanded his coalition to more working-class and minority voters this year. This is not a blue wave year. This is a year that the blue wave of 2018 appears to be receding.

Yet we are supposed to believe the same media-Democrat complex that fed us wildly erroneous polls all year, and runs false information operations on us about coronavirus, the Russia hoax, and everything else they can use to steal power, that this blue wave's evaporation did not at all affect the top of the ticket?

These are her conclusions. Read the intro, here.

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