By Duncan Smith

Have rank-and-file Democrats, those so-called ‘centrists’ we keep hearing about but never hearing from, had enough of “The Squad,” Marxism, excusing rioters, promoting looting, defunding cops, and Nancy Pelosi?

Maybe, according to The Hill.

These so-called centrist Dems are grousing amongst themselves after their party went hard-core left in 2020 and not only failed to pick up the 5-15 House seats they bragged about as well as control of the Senate (and a Biden win), they actually lost ground.

And, these centrists figure, someone needs to be held responsible — like the party leaders:

Stung by their party's disappointing showing at the polls Tuesday, two moderate House Democrats say they and other centrists are privately discussing a plan that was unthinkable just 24 hours earlier: throwing their support behind a challenger to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

The two Democrats told The Hill on Wednesday that they were reaching out to their colleagues about backing one of Pelosi's top lieutenants, House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries (N.Y.), for Speaker.

'He's the only one prepared and positioned' to be Speaker, said one of the Democratic lawmakers. 'He bridges moderates and progressives better than anyone. And most importantly, he's not Nancy Pelosi.'

The grumbling reflects a remarkable shift in internal Democratic thinking in the immediate wake of Tuesday's elections. Pelosi and Democratic leaders had promised to build on their majority — some estimates were in the double digits — but the early returns revealed a different reality: Not only did they fail to protect a number of their most vulnerable members, they had not picked off a single Republican incumbent heading into Wednesday afternoon.

Instead, lawmakers were left licking their wounds and questioning the messaging and strategy decisions heading into Tuesday's polls.

'It's time for Democrats to elevate a new generation of leadership in both the House and the Senate,' the lawmaker said.

'Americans are clearly afraid of 'socialism,' want safe streets and neighborhoods and to vote for people who they believe will help put more money in their pockets. While Democratic policies can adequately address those issues, our messaging mechanism clearly cannot.'

Well, current Democrat policies of higher taxes (especially on wealth-creators like corporations and really rich people who start businesses and hire people), the Green New Deal, defunding police, and destroying suburbs while looking the other way as Antifa and BLM trolls beat down opponents is not “Democratic policies” ‘adequately addressing’ Americans’ needs.

So, those will have to change first.

As for ousting Pelosi and actually adopting those policies (which would mean cooperating with Republicans and, perhaps, President Trump — because they, too, espouse the same policies), we won’t hold our breath.

Still, it’s refreshing to see some sanity return to at least some Democratic lawmakers.

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