By Duncan Smith

CNN contributor and University of Chicago professor Amanda Carter claimed that America under President Donald Trump is somehow less free than it was under Barack Obama — who spied on reporters, Americans, and the president’s 2016 campaign while weaponizing and politicizing the Justice Department, FBI, and the intelligence community.

But the reasons she cited are all the result of Democrats, Democrat voters, and left-wing anarchists who were present during the Obama years as well.

The Daily Caller notes:

CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter blamed President Donald Trump for making America 'more dangerous,' saying Sunday that he's at fault for cities preparing to face unrest.

Carpenter said during a panel discussion on 'State of the Union' that it was impossible to separate the president's tweets from his policies, arguing that his rhetoric was responsible for the level of division rocking the United States.

'We are living in a more dangerous country because of Donald Trump,' Carpenter began. 'The tweets are the policy. You cannot separate what he says from what he is.'

She then noted that the studio in Washington, D.C., where she was doing the show is boarded up as are scores of other buildings and businesses in the nation’s capital.

'We are no longer free to move about the country,' Carpenter continued. 'So, yes, these Republicans can come on and tell me I should support Trump for policies. That goes out the window when we are not free to see our loved ones. That goes out the window when someone sticks a tube down the throat of your loved ones, when I see Americans gassed in Lafayette Square and people made into orphans at our border.'

'We are in a scary time right now. And four years ago I thought I knew what kind of country we were. It has become a much more scary, dangerous place,' Carpenter concluded, pivoting gain to blame Trump for the division. 'This is a scary time before the election because we are waiting to see who we are again. It is because of Donald Trump's words and actions that we're here.'

This is all absolute BS.

First of all, the president has not implemented one single order or policy limiting anyone from traveling anywhere. States have done that and, in particular, Democrat states.

Secondly, China is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, not President Trump.

Third, things are ‘more scary’ now because of left-wing counter-revolutionary anarchists who are Joe Biden voters. They are the ones threatening post-election violence; they are the reasons why buildings are being boarded up in big cities all over the country.

No one was “gassed” at Lafayette Square (but lots of federal officers were pelted with objects thrown by left-wing anarchists). And the division in America is strictly due to her side of the political aisle — because it is populated with tyrants and authoritarians who can’t stand being out of power.

The projection by lunatic leftists is incredible. These people genuinely cannot see the anger and division they foment and justify as a result of their mentally unstable hatred for President Trump.

It’s unbelievable. Literally nothing she is complaining about is Trump’s fault. None of it. The cognitive dissonance is strong in this one.

But this is what Americans will get on a nationwide scale if Biden wins: Perpetual lockdowns, business closures, economic decline, and continued chaos versus a vibrant, growing, confident and reopened America under another four years of Donald Trump.

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