By Duncan Smith

Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller not only believes the national polling showing Joe Biden ahead are wrong, but he discussed multiple ways in which President Trump can (and will) win reelection next week.

During an appearance with the former Clinton campaign hack-turned-‘journalist’ George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, Miller said even if the president surprisingly lost a traditionally red state like Arizona, he’ll make up ground elsewhere.

Fox News has more:

President Trump’s path to reelection includes holding Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina and even picking up purple state Nevada, Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller told ABC’s “This Week.”

The campaign is “very confident, very safe we’re going to win Arizona” and earn more than 290 electoral votes on election night, Miller said on Sunday.

Trump rallied supporters Sunday morning in Michigan ahead of four other rallies in key battleground states: Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. He spoke for a little more than an hour in Washington, Michigan, hitting former Vice President Joe Biden on his support for the North American Free Trade Agreement and saying his administration is bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

“Even if for some reason we didn’t have Arizona, we could pick off Nevada, a place that our modeling shows that we’re going to win on Tuesday, as well as Michigan, and that would put President Trump over the top,” Miller said. “We have multiple pathways.”

“We think that President Trump is going to hold all of the Sun Belt states that he won previously,” he said. “As you look to the upper Midwest, Joe Biden has to stop President Trump in four out of four states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. If President Trump wins just one of those in three of the four he won last time, he will be reelected president.”

Miller also noted the massive 1,000-pound elephant in the room: Democrats are working to “steal” the election.

“Whatever kind of nonsense they try to pull off, we’re still going to have enough electoral votes to get President Trump reelected,” he said. “The fact that Joe Biden had to go back to Minnesota, a state that Republicans haven’t won since 1972, just the other day, shows how they’re worried about states shifting.”

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