By Duncan Smith

The Old Guard Democrat gatekeepers are being systematically replaced by younger Democratic Socialists.

But let’s be clear: The new breed Democrat like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan, Omar, and Rashida Tlaib aren’t Democratic in any way.

They are socialists, period.

And no one knows that kind of authoritarianism better than first-generation Americans who fled a similar political ideology and tyranny.

In Cuba.

Younger Cuban-Americans are trending towards President Trump and the Republican Party in general because they reject authoritarianism, socialism, and Communism.

These young Cuban-Americans know what it’s like to live in such a system.

They came to America to escape that stuff.

The Federalist has more:

In 2016, poll data from Florida International University suggested that among Cuban Americans under 40, about 43 percent supported Hillary Clinton, while 21 percent supported Donald Trump. In contrast, the majority of Cuban Americans 65 and older said they would vote for Trump. Democrats had hoped this generational divide would produce a new Democratic majority in the heart of Little Havana, which would be a boon to their party in the swing state of Florida.

The divide didn't last long, however. The tide began turning during the statewide election in 2018. Among Cuban Americans under age 40, 51 percent supported Republican Ron DeSantis for governor, and 52 percent voted for Rick Scott to join the U.S. Senate.

The trend continues in 2020. According to a new Florida International University poll, 55 percent of Cuban Americans under 40 said they would re-elect Trump, while only 29 percent would vote for Democratic nominee Joe Biden. These numbers are almost identical to those of Cuban Americans 75 and older (59 percent for Trump and 23 percent for Biden).

Giancarlo Sopo, the Trump campaign's director of rapid response for Spanish-language media and a young Cuban-American who made the left-to-right shift in recent years, explained that immigrants 'want strong borders and safe communities just like everybody else,' saying, 'Disorderly immigration processes hurt our families and pose serious public safety threats to our communities.'

Sopo, who never met his Cuban naval officer father because he died in a jail Fidel Castro put him in, the Trump campaign has also successfully built 'strong relationships with Hispanic leaders and communities across the country,' and 'these relationships are rooted in respect and an understanding that there is no such thing as the Latino community; there are many of them, and every Hispanic group has its own cultural nuances and priorities.'

We have come to the conclusion that Trump is going to lose this election or win so much bigger than anyone is even imagining.

And we’re leaning towards the latter.

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