By Duncan Smith

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson landed what should have been the most sought-after interviews in all of journalism this year because of its political implications.

On Tuesday, he broadcast an interview with Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Joe Biden’s family.

The interview came after he corroborated some allegations of corruption and potential lawbreaking first revealed by the New York Post last week involving the former vice president, his son Hunter Biden, his brother James Biden, and others.

These allegations involve financial deals with Ukrainian energy company Burisma, the wife of a Moscow mayor, and Communist China-linked entities.

The allegations and the testimony provided to Carlson by Bobulinski, a former Navy officer who held top-secret clearance once upon a time, were credible and corroborated.

So, while Bobulinski should have been the most compelling “get” for the media, he wasn’t.

In fact, not only have outlets ignored him, they’ve ignored Carlson’s interview of him and the allegations he brought forth.

Because the American media is despicable. They’re dishonest. And they’re all-in for the Democratic Party.

But even if they wanted to commit a random act of journalism and ask Joe Biden, who wants to be our president, about the charges and the evidence, they couldn’t.

Joe Biden is nowhere to be seen today, having called another ‘lid’ instead of being out on the campaign trail like President Trump.

Fox News has more:

Joe Biden and his presidential campaign are staying mum after Hunter Biden's former business associate went public to say he met twice in the past with the former vice president — despite past statements from Biden on the campaign trail that he had no involvement with or discussions about his family’s overseas business ventures.

That associate, Tony Bobulinski, gave an interview on Fox News' 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' on Tuesday and detailed his alleged meetings with the former vice president—one of which took place on May 2, 2017, according to text messages first reported by Fox News last week.

Those messages indicated that the meeting did, in fact, take place. Bobulinski claimed Tuesday that it was Hunter Biden and Jim Biden, the brother of the former vice president, who had pushed the meeting.

'They were sort of wining and dining me and presenting the strength of the Biden family to get me engaged,' he said.

The Biden campaign declined to comment on the meeting Biden allegedly had with Bobulinski. Biden himself has not yet directly addressed Bobulinski’s claims on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

In 2019, Biden told reporters: “I have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses. Period.”

Joe Biden is exactly the kind of corrupt swamp creature we sent President Trump to clear out of D.C.

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