By Duncan Smith

It’s increasingly clear that the Democratic Party is morphing into the kind of authoritarian entity loved and embraced by left-wing dictators throughout modern history.

Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts is the latest to prove that statement.

Always reliably liberal but nevertheless a defender of our constitutional system, Markey — whose seat is being eyed by sycophant Marxists local to the likes of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez — is transforming into a leftist hack who is embracing the side intent on shredding our founding principles.

And Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) is calling him out for it.

Lee blasted Markey and demanded that he retract outrageous and patently false statements he made about the term “originalism” as it pertains to constitutional interpretation on the heels of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a self-avowed originalist, becoming Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Monday.

Fox News has more details:

Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., calling the judicial originalism “racist, sexist, homophobic and a fancy word for discrimination” is 'patently irresponsible,” said Sen. Mike Lee.

The term “originalism” refers to a judicial interpretation of the law based on a literal reading.

'Of all the irresponsible and inflammatory statements I've heard over the last few weeks, and I've heard some doozies, this might well be the worst,' Lee, R-Utah, told 'Fox & Friends' on Tuesday.

'If you think about what he is really saying there, Sen. Markey has essentially said that our Constitution is racist. And [that] an effort to understand it, understand its words at the time they were written, is itself racist and bigoted. I can't think of a statement that has a greater tendency to undermine the foundation of our constitutional republic. I hope, expect, and demand that Sen. Markey retract his statement. It is irresponsible; he can't defend that,” Lee said.

As for Democrats in general, 'They don't want the courts to be limited to judging institutions. They want them to be institutions of social change, of social policy, they want them to take debatable matters beyond debate and, so, that is why this isn't satisfying to them,' Lee said.

Lee went on to say, 'They want something much bigger, much grander than what the Constitution actually allows. Justice Barrett sees the elegant simplicity of the fact that you want judges to interpret the law based on what it says.'

Verdict: 110% true.

Markey is a disgrace, but his party has cornered that market in recent years.

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