By Duncan Smith

Are Democrats poised to sweep Congress?

Is Joe Biden a shoo-in to oust President Trump?

Yes, and yes — if you believe the national polling.

But should you?

The ‘smart money’ says yes, we should, because after the shellacking media-driven national polling got it so wrong in 2016 in predicting a blue landslide starring Hillary Clinton, there’s no way that all of the polling would be wrong again…right?

Again, that’s what the smart money says.

But frankly, we’re just not convinced.

Oh, if you’re a Trump supporter who believes Republicans are far better suited to reopen our economy and put down the ridiculous and deadly rioting in our cities, you should definitely go vote like there is a blue wave coming.

If there’s one thing about politics, few elections are lay-ups and gimmes.

We saw that in 2016.

But — will we see it again in 2020?

We think so, and here’s why: There is zero enthusiasm for the Democratic ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Zero. And we’ve seen that time and time again as Trump proceeds along the campaign trail leading into Election Day next week.

Just look at how a Biden campaign event turned out in Pennsylvania on Saturday:

Now, are unenthusiastic Democratic voters just not showing up because a) they’ve already voted for Biden/Harris; or b) they’re voting for Biden/Harris but they’re not happy about it?

That’s always possible. We don’t have a crystal ball.

But it sure seems like enthusiasm for our president this time around is every bit as high as it was in 2016 — and we know what happened then.

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