By Duncan Smith

We all know the ‘mainstream media’ is little more than an extension of the Democratic Party.

Seriously, the perfumed princes and princesses of the establishment media are no different than state-run media in Communist and socialist countries.

They serve the Democratic Party, period, and once people begin to understand and accept that fact, the behavior of the MSM becomes obvious.

For instance, the MSM is hiding the fact that there are still amazing crowds of enthusiastic supporters numbering in the thousands showing up for President Trump’s campaign rallies.

Meantime, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their surrogates (Bernie Sanders below) couldn’t draw flies if they were (insert favorite word for manure here).

On Friday, Right Scoop reported:

Trump always says 'they never show the crowd' and it's true. The media don't want to put big crowds of people waving POSITIVE signs and American flags on the TV, especially when that pro-American enthusiasm is at a YUGE Trump rally. And ESPECIALLY not in the state they're trying to hand to Biden.

But tonight's Pensacola phenomenon was shown anyway, thanks to the internet.

Well, as they say, pictures (and video) speak volumes:

Does this mean Trump’s going to win reelection?

Of course not.

But, as in 2016, there is a massive enthusiasm gap between Trump and Biden. And that mattered four years ago.

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