By Duncan Smith

One of the most under-reported political narratives of 2020 is the amount of new support President Donald Trump and Republicans, in general, are getting from minority voters.

There’s no question Trump is the draw; he’s the magnet and that’s due in large part to the power of his personality.

But clearly, if Trump is polling better, he is the face of the GOP so that has to mean at some level, at least, rising minority support for him will translate into rising minority support for the Republican Party as well.

What’s more, as Breitbart News reports, the rising support for Trump (and, we hope, the Grand Old Party too) among minorities is coming from younger voters, a very good thing:

President Donald Trump is gaining support from younger Latino and black voters, contradicting the roar of claims by establishment groups that he and his policies are racist.

Trump 'gained among voters of color, especially Hispanic voters and younger Black voters,' says an October 19 report by, a firm that tracks public attitudes on many issues. 'Trump is attracting 35 percent of Hispanic voters under age 45, up from the 22 percent who backed him four years ago,' the site said.

The group 'moving most toward Democrats since 2016 are more high income and white [and] the groups moving toward Trump are more low-income and minority,' according to Derek Thompson, a writer at the pro-establishment the Atlantic magazine who reviews data collected by the Pew Research Center.  This means that the electorate is slowly 'depolarizing on race … polarizing around education rather than income,' he wrote.

'Trump's position has improved relative to 2016 with a number of non-White groups, including Black women, Hispanic men, and two non-White religious groups,' the Washington Post reported on October 9.

'This has been a concerted focus of Trump's, with constant appeals to both groups. He's made headway, which could help in a close election, either by dampening turnout for Biden or reducing Biden's margins with the groups.'

Drawing in more minority voters is, in and of itself, a great thing.

But drawing in younger minority voters means that it’s more likely they’ll stay with the GOP after Trump — and for more years.

The Democrat Party has embraced Marxist, left-wing counter-revolution.

Minorities — especially Hispanics who have immigrated to the U.S. from those kinds of regimes in Central and South America and Cuba, don’t want to see them come to their new home — America.

Republicans should embrace more of the same: Patriotism, opportunity for all, law-and-order, and ‘America First.’

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