By Duncan Smith

Whether or not he wins the Nov. 3 election, President Donald Trump and his administration have another historic accomplishment to his resume: The rapid manufacture of a new vaccine for a new virus.

Americans have endured lockdowns, economic hardship, restrictions, fan-less sports, and other limits to our liberties for months now in response to yet another deadly virus that escaped China.

We’ve seen our economy tank (though it’s finally beginning to rebound), we’ve seen a virus politicized, and we’ve been inundated with misinformation — all part of an effort, we believe, to destroy Trump’s presidency.

But the man who revitalized our country in a short span of three years after eight years of malaise and indifference under the criminal Obama-Biden regime is about to prove, once again, how he got the ‘can-do’ reputation he brought with him to the White House, even among his enemies.

The Daily Mail reports:

Drug giant Pfizer has already manufactured ‘several hundred thousand doses’ of the jab at its plant in Puurs, Belgium, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

They are being stockpiled ready to be rolled out worldwide if clinical trials are a success, and regulators deem it safe and effective.

The US giant hopes to make 100 million doses available this year, of which 40 million are destined for the UK – a figure that will be dwarfed by the 1.3 billion jabs the company aims to manufacture in 2021. 

Every patient who receives the vaccine will need two doses.

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday today, Pfizer UK boss Ben Osborn says: ‘It was great to see the first vial coming off the manufacturing line. 

‘It just brought a tremendous smile to my face to see all of this work actually result in a product.’ 

The experts say we can achieve ‘herd immunity’ but it will take a vaccine to do it.

But even vaccines have been politicized, which is disgusting.

Joe Biden has expressed skepticism about a Trump administration vaccine, as has his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

They are saying, in essence, that because the Trump administration is responsible for getting a new vaccine out to the public so quickly, it can’t be trusted.

In other words, they are suggesting that Trump would intentionally unleash an unsafe vaccine on our country and the world.

That’s absurd. And it’s patently disgusting,

Pfizer apparently believes in its product enough that it’s willing to spend the money to put the vaccine into production.

That alone is a vote of confidence.

If the drug works to provide the world with at least some protection against this virus, that will be one of the greatest scientific and medicinal accomplishments in modern history.

And Donald Trump will have been responsible for it, as well as the wonderful people in his administration who carried out Operation Warp Speed.

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