By Duncan Smith

Without a doubt, California is a paradise of sorts.

Great weather, lots of agriculture, lots of industry, home to American technology, and — did we mention great weather?

But because it’s ruled by a super-majority of Democrats, paradise is turning into a nightmare, and this especially true in the state’s urban centers.

Like San Francisco.

There are parts of the city that are filled with culture and splendor — and that’s where you’ll find the mega-rich like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

But elsewhere, like many urban centers in the state, San Francisco has devolved into a cesspool of filth, feces, drug abuse, homelessness…and crime.

All of which are driving businesses out.

Especially the crime.

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, some businesses are being harder hit than others, including the Walgreens pharmacy chain.

Thanks to regular, rampant robberies in broad daylight, the chain is closing another of its San Fran stores:

After months of seeing its shelves repeatedly cleaned out by brazen shoplifters, the Walgreens at Van Ness and Eddy in San Francisco is getting ready to close.

'The last day is Nov. 11,' Walgreens spokesman Phil Caruso said.

The drugstore, which serves many older people who live in the Opera Plaza area, is the seventh Walgreens to close in the city since 2019.

'All of us knew it was coming. Whenever we go in there, they always have problems with shoplifters, ' said longtime customer Sebastian Luke, who lives a block away and is a frequent customer who has been posting photos of the thefts for months. The other day, Luke photographed a man casually clearing a couple of shelves and placing the goods into a backpack.

'I feel sorry for the clerks, they are regularly being verbally assaulted,' Luke said. 'The clerks say there is nothing they can do. They say Walgreens' policy is to not get involved. They don't want anyone getting injured or getting sued, so the guys just keep coming in and taking whatever they want.' …

Homeless encampments are common in the neighborhood, including two just across Eddy Street.

No sooner had the clerk spoken than a man wearing a virus mask walked in, emptied two shelves of snacks into a bag, then headed back for the door.

This is broad daylight theft.

Meanwhile, across the street, a CVS pharmacy has fully stocked shelves…and a security guard.

So, where are San Francisco’s finest? The SFPD must have other things to do because they sure aren’t protecting Walgreens stores.

For Americans who think, ‘Ah, well, this is just San Francisco — a microcosm of the country’ — think again.

This kind of rampant lawlessness is spreading around the country, migrating into every single Democrat-run city and state.

But unless or until voters in these regions have enough of the left-wing social justice BS, their cities and their states are going to be nearly uninhabitable.

Like San Francisco.

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