By Duncan Smith

President Trump’s 2016 victory was truly historic for a number of reasons.

For one, it is the first time a non-politician has won the nation’s highest office almost since the 1800s.

Trump demolished a well-populated field of established GOP politicians in order to capture the nomination

He also survived a couple of scandals that may have consumed the candidacies of lesser men.

Finally, Trump managed to win several states that have consistently voted for [insert any Democratic presidential contender here] since the days of Ronald Reagan.

He did that with policy ideas that were logical, well-reasoned, and achieveable: They appealed to scores of Democrat voters who had grown weary of seeing their political leaders lie to them year after year, making similar promises but never delivering on them.

Now, Trump is trying to repeat his history-making 2016 bid.

But he wants to add an additional state to the ‘blue wall’ he beat down last time: Minnesota.

And if a story by VICE News is any indication, the president is on the verge of adding Minnesota to his “win” column in a couple weeks.


Regardless of what Joe Biden says, his administration will be rife with (and run by) left-wing climate and environmental extremists who will put the final nails in the coffin of the American mining and energy production industries. Bank on it.

And a growing number of Minnesotans who depend on those industries know it.

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