By Duncan Smith

Watching President Trump work a campaign rally crowd is a thing of beauty.

He does rallies no other candidate — Democrat or Republican — in modern history.

Well, or ever.

If you’ve seen him on TV doing a rally and have felt genuinely energized and good about our country, those feelings are 10 times amplified in person (trust me!).

He feeds off the crowd and the crowd feeds off him. The rallies are incubators of 100 percent pure GOP energy, and you leave them thinking there is no way in Hades this man loses to a sleepy, mentally unfit, shell of a Democratic candidate or the party he represents.

That said, the president was again in full form at a rally in Macon, Georgia, Friday evening, where he called out Congress’ most controversial member, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Socialist-New York) over her ‘Green New Deal.’

'She's got a great line of bulls**t, that's about it,' Trump declared to massive laughter and cheers. 'She knows nothing about the environment.'

Breitbart News has more details:

He noted that the Green New Deal proposed trillions of dollars of spending to reduce greenhouse gases on the planet in an effort to stop global warming

'This is the craziest thing, done by AOC plus three,' he said, mocking the group of freshman Democrat members of congress that rallied to Ocasio-Cortez with far-left ideas.

'These are not great academics,' Trump said.

Trump pointed to the Green New Deal proposal to spend government funds to heavily renovate existing buildings with more energy-efficient features.

'The real number is $100 trillion,' Trump said. 'They say we can do it for like $9 trillion. Nine trillion does not work either. The real price is $100 trillion. They want to rip down buildings and build new buildings with tiny little windows.'

Democrats are bad enough at domestic policymaking — just look at the cities they run/ruin.

Democratic socialists would be worse.

And that is no BS.

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