By Duncan Smith

President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi don’t get along much, but that’s largely because the California Democrat is out of her mind and has been in Washington far too long.

Earlier this summer Pelosi and the Democrat-controlled House passed a massive new COVID-19 relief bill that does contain new financial relief for Americans and businesses.

But the bill also contains a wish list of left-wing political priorities such as nationalizing ballot harvesting and mail-in voting to ensure widespread fraud (and Democrat ‘victories’) into the foreseeable future.

Thus, in recent days as the election approaches, Trump has said publicly on more than one occasion he is more than willing to sign a $1.8 trillion relief measure — or even more — if that’s all the legislation contains.

Just money for relief — not mail-in ballots or hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out blue states and cities that Democrats have nearly spent into oblivion with bad fiscal policies for decades.

Pelosi, however, isn’t interested in just providing relief. She wants to screw over our country and permanently change the way we elect our leaders in the process.

Trump is on to her.

Fox Business Network reported:

President Trump said Thursday he would raise his offer for a coronavirus relief package above the White House’s current $1.8 trillion proposal amid a months-long impasse with Democratic leaders over more funding.

“I would,” he told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney when asked whether the White House would increase its offer. “Absolutely, I would. I would say more. I would go higher. Go big or go home, I said it yesterday.”

'Nancy Pelosi doesn't want to give anything. She thinks it helps her with the election,' the president continued. 'And I don't think so. I think it hurts her with the election because everyone knows she's holding it up. We're not holding it up. She's holding it up.'

“She’s got a lot of problems,” he said. “She got a lot of mental problems. And it’s going to be very hard to do anything with her. She wants to wait till after the election.”

Spot on.

If we’re going to go into debt another couple trillion dollars, the least we can do is keep our electoral process intact.

We’ll need it to get rid of politicians in the future who continue to spend like drunken sailors after this coronavirus pandemic has passed.

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