By Duncan Smith

It’s not enough that lunatic Democrats already have a super-majority in California.

Literally…it’s not enough.

Now, it seems, when the ‘opposition party’ — the GOP — want to try to even the playing field (that was imposed by Democrat super-majorities) they get shut down.

Because Democrats are the true authoritarians.

The Hill provides more details:

Officials said the California secretary of state's office has received several reports in recent days of possibly illegal drop boxes for ballots in three counties.

Secretary of State Alex Padilla's office said it is coordinating with local officials to investigate the reports of unauthorized boxes in Orange, Los Angeles and Fresno counties, according to the Orange County Register.

'Operating unofficial ballot drop boxes — especially those misrepresented as official drop boxes — is not just misleading to voters, it's a violation of state law,' Padilla said in a statement. …

California Republican officials have defended the drop boxes, saying a 2016 law allowing so-called ballot harvesting permits them. State officials said the boxes do not constitute harvesting, which allows voters to designate someone to submit ballots on their behalf. The drop boxes, however, do not involve a designated proxy signing for the ballots, according to state officials.

So — Democrats can ballot harvest to their soul’s content, and in any way they want.

But if Republicans try that, they get stomped on by Democrat officials.

What a waste of a perfectly good state.

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