By Duncan Smith

Public urination is allowable. Defecating on the streets is fine.  Homeless camps everywhere. Drug use rampant, with drug needles cast about like cigarette butts in days gone by.

Throw all of that in with astronomical rents and housing prices (when you can find anywhere to live), high taxes, lots of Democrat-imposed regulations and extended coronavirus lockdowns and you have what we like to call around here a good, old-fashioned exodus out of San Francisco.

The Washington Examiner has more:

Sales tax revenue and other economic indicators suggest residents are fleeing San Francisco over the past six months largely due to the negative effects of coronavirus restrictions.

The California city has experienced a drop in public transportation ridership, weak online sales tax collection, a 20% drop in rent pricing, and an office vacancy spike over the past six months, which suggests a significant drop in population, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

'San Francisco's bleak economic vital signs over the past six months strongly suggest residents are leaving amid record job losses, the entrenchment of remote work, and a coronavirus pandemic that shows no signs of ending,' the paper reports.

Nine Bay Area counties saw large drops in brick-and-mortar sales taxes as stay-at-home orders took effect, including a 53% drop in San Francisco. Most Bay Area counties saw a large increase in online sales tax revenue during that same time period, except for San Francisco, which only saw a 1% increase compared to jumps as high as 36% in other areas.

'That's a sign to me that people aren't here,' Ted Egan, San Francisco's chief economist, stated.

You think, Ted?

Continuing to elect Democrats and their top-heavy, max-regulatory, authoritarian approach to government is a good idea after seeing one left-wing city after another slowly but surely decline and collapse makes no sense whatsoever.

Putting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House will export San Fran’s authoritarian regulatory collapse to the entire country as, lest we never forget, Harris used to be a district attorney there.

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