By Duncan Smith

For weeks, the Biden/Harris-Democratic plot to steal the 2020 election has been laid out detail by detail in a few media outlets.

The Biden team has hired more than 600 lawyers to literally contest every election result in as many states and jurisdictions as possible.

The objective is to claim that mail-in ballots they miraculously show up should be counted.

But the fall-back plan against the backdrop of a Trump victory is to claim the Trump campaign is the one that cheated.

Remember: Democrats always do what they accuse Republicans of doing.

And Biden just spilled the beans, even if he doesn’t know it.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Tuesday that the only way he would lose the election in November is by 'chicanery' in the form of voter intimidation.

'Make sure to vote because the only way we lose this is by the chicanery going on relative to polling places,' Biden told supporters while speaking in Erie, Pennsylvania Saturday.

Biden later clarified his remarks and said that he would accept the results of the election regardless of who wins.

'I understand one of the comments I made was taken a little out of context. I'm going to accept the outcome of this election period,' he said Saturday evening. 'I was referencing the attempts that are made to try and influence and scare people from voting.'


Here’s another element of the plot.

The ‘national polls’ all have Biden out front by a wide double-digit margin. Does anyone seriously believe that Biden is going to log the kind of victory Ronald Reagan did in 1980 and Nixon did in 1972? Joe ‘Where Am I” Biden?

Come on.

The deal is, the garbage media is not only trying to keep Trump supporters discouraged enough not to vote (not likely), but also misreport the polls so that when Trump wins it ‘could only be due to the fact that he cheated — Biden was so far ahead!

Democrats literally would allow the country to tear itself apart just to obtain power.

What disgusting people they are.

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