By Duncan Smith

The media, with their fake polling and constant claiming that Hillary Clinton was going to route Donald Trump, failed to discourage legions of GOP voters from going to the polls and handing the party great victories.

And they’ll fail to do so again this year.

So says Alabama GOP Rep. Mike Rogers.

In an interview Friday with Mobile’s FM Talk 106.5, Rogers dismissed the ‘mainstream media’ as little more than a propaganda organ for the Democratic Party and predicted that hordes of GOP voters will, again, make the difference in the November elections.

'[W]hen it comes to the national mainstream media, they are completely in bed with the Democrats,' he said. 'They're clearly liberal, and their goal is to try to dampen the enthusiasm of Republican voters. 'Oh, it's over with, there's no sense –,' everybody thinks it is going to be inevitable Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president and that Chuck Schumer is going to be running the Senate and Nancy Pelosi is going to be running the House,” he said.

“They perpetuate that theory hoping it will become a reality, become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It didn't work in 2016, and it is not going to work this time,” he added.

He also expressed optimism that the GOP could even retake the House thanks to President Trump.

'And I would remind your listeners when we did lose the House in 2018, it was because we didn't have Donald Trump on the ticket,' Rogers said.

'That was a midterm election. His voters didn't come out. And we narrowly lost 31 seats. Every one of those seats, we lost by less than 3,000 votes per district. He's going to be back on the ticket,” he noted.

“I think it's going to help us get the majority of those seats back. And I hope we retake the House.”

Likewise, Rep. Rogers, likewise.

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