By Duncan Smith

Literally, Americans of all races, ethnic groups, sexuality, and demographics are supporters of President Donald Trump.

His supporters are not simply ‘white men’ and ‘white women’ from rural areas and the suburbs.

His support among Blacks and Hispanics has risen since his election.

And still, the garbage media in our country, along with virtually every single Democrat in office, have cast him as a “racist” and “white supremacist,” despite clear, unequivocal evidence such claims are not just patently false, but incredibly offensive to the tens of millions of Americans who voted for him in 2016 and have done so, or are preparing to do so, in 2020.

So it is with particular outrage that we bring you this insanity.

Campus Reform provides more details:

Smith College in Massachusetts is offering a course this fall semester called 'White Supremacy in the Age of Trump.'

The course will explore questions such as 'is White Supremacy a permanent feature of race in contemporary U.S. society?' and 'how does one appropriately respond to its ideology and political power in the Age of Trump?'

Students will examine 'the relationship between white supremacy and white privilege,' as well as 'analyze the history, prevalence, and current manifestations of the white supremacist movement,' and learn 'how to build a human rights movement,' which includes 'reproductive justice,” so that students can 'counter the white supremacist movement in the U.S.'

The goal of the course, according to the course description, is 'to develop the capacity to understand the range of possible responses to white supremacy, both its legal and extralegal forms.'

This course is taught within the Women and Gender Studies Department, and the instructor is Loretta Ross, a pro-abortion activist and former activist-in-residence at Smith who and once claimed that abortion can be a 'joyful experience when achieving reproductive justice through human rights.'

'I'm an activist, so I'm teaching people about what resistance looks like, how to have fun doing it, and how to do it for the long haul. It's important not to take yourself too seriously, because social justice is a big experiment,' said Ross.

No, Ms. Ross, you’re not an ‘activist.’ You’re a race terrorist. Imagine how much ‘fun’ it would be for you to constantly be insulted and mischaracterized because of your race.

For black ‘activists’ like Ross, teaching this rot isn’t about instruction. It’s about revenge, period, which means such materials are based on, and push, hate — precisely the trait they claim to be against.

She is honest about one thing, though — being in it “for the long haul.”

The object of the Marxist left in America is to destroy our libertarian founding and remake our country into a nighmarish authoritarian dictatorship where ‘wrong thought’ is punished and only ‘state-approved’ mantras are permitted.

All of this racial brainwashing is part of that master plan.

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