By Duncan Smith

By any measure, Vice President Mike Pence fared well during his debate against Sen. Kamala Harris Wednesday evening.

But as usual, the garbage mainstream media dutifully clung to its role as a propaganda apparatus for the Democratic Party.

ABC News went above and beyond, actually.

The network claimed in a ‘fact-check’ that it was examining statements from both candidates.

Except that Pence was the only one scrutinized.

Not even kidding.

What’s more, the network couldn’t even be honest in its ‘fact checks.’

Fox News provided a summary, and I add some more in [brackets]:

The sections of the one-sided 'fact check' were headlined:

  • Pence misleads when comparing COVID-19 pandemic to H1N1, Obama administration response [No context here for the claim that “Pence misleads” — misleads, how?]
  • Pence overstates China travel restrictions [Again, how did he ‘overstate?’ President Trump imposed a travel restriction on China Jan. 31, period.]
  • Pence defends White House event after over a dozen COVID-19 cases, does not mention indoor portion [So? Did ABC News expect Pence to throw Trump under the bus?]
  • Pence misleads on pandemic employment [Again…how? He gave numbers; are the numbers wrong? If so, why?]
  • Trump has released financial records required by law – but has been significantly less transparent than Biden, predecessors [This is an obvious matter of opinion; besides, Biden, predecessors were not billionaire businessmen with an empire to defend from corporate predators.]
  • Pence claims that Biden and Harris want to ban fracking – but it’s complicated [No, it’s not ‘complicated.’ Both Biden and Harris have said they will ban fracking, period.]
  • Pence exaggerates US testing capacity, PPE availability [In what ways?]
  • Pence says Biden called China travel restrictions ‘xenophobic,’ but that’s not clear [It IS clear; read for yourself.]
  • Pence falsely says Trump has released health care plan and that it would protect preexisting conditions [Trump released a healthcare plan within months of taking office; it would have covered preexisting conditions; we still had too many #NeverTrump RINOs in Congress, however, and they refused to pass it.]
  • Pence claims Biden will raise taxes on every American – but increases will largely be shouldered by wealthiest [So? ‘Largely be shouldered’ by rich people doesn’t mean Pence’s claim that all Americans will be taxed is wrong. We thought this was a ‘fact-check.’]
  • Harris has liberal voting record, but Pence’s claim she’s ‘most liberal’ leaves out context [What ‘context’ did Pence leave out?]
  • Pence peddles discredited claim that universal mail-in voting leads to massive fraud [We haven’t experienced ‘massive fraud’ yet because we have not had a national election where a sizeable portion of ballots cast were mailed in. We’re about to find out. Meantime, just this year alone, as mail-in balloting ramped up in primaries thanks to COVID, there have been dozens of cases of mail-in problems, including fraud.]

'I can’t tell if the fact-checkers at ABC are actually working for the Biden-Harris campaign or not with this article,' political satirist Tim Young told Fox News. 'It reads like a talking points memo directly from Democrats.'

No kidding.

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