By Duncan Hunter

It has long since gotten old to hear a left-wing Democrat claim that President Trump is an “authoritarian.”

He’s constantly, and inappropriately, compared to Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini by unhinged people who cannot name a single constitutional right, liberty, or freedom that he has ‘taken away.’

That’s more than a little aggravating, considering that it’s their side of the political aisle — the left — where tyrants, authoritarians, and dictators reside.

Take a little incident that just happened in California.

Someone erected a giant Hollywood-type sign emblazing ‘TRUMP’ on a hillside sitting on private land well above a major interstate.

Obviously, it was a political message in support of the president — a rock-solid First Amendment issue.

But it’s Democrats who run the one-party state who have reacted negatively (and in an authoritarian manner) over the issue.

The Federalist provides more background:

Officials from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) knocked down giant white letters spelling 'TRUMP' on the hillside of someone's private property on Tuesday, citing it as a 'life and safety issue.'

'This was a life and safety issue because there were concerns about distracted driving,' Chief Public Information Officer for Caltrans Lauren Wonder said.

The sign was located at the Sepulveda Pass hills just outside of the largely blue and Democratic-run Los Angeles adjacent to highway 405.

The first report of the sign came right before 7 a.m. from someone who 'was apparently concerned it could spark a blaze' following multiple 'destructive brush fires in the past few years.'

Despite its distance from the highway, the California Highway Patrol recorded the sign as a 'traffic hazard' as people on the nearby highway began to decelerate to take pictures of the sign during their morning commutes.

If you live in California and you vote for these tyrants, then you are the problem, not them.

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