By Duncan Smith

Left-wing, mostly white, anarchists associated with the group Antifa have disrupted Portland, Ore., for months with, at times, deadly violence.

These are left-wing extremists who care nothing about law and order and who are actually pursuing a Marxist ‘revolutionary’ agenda.

But city officials are not supposed to believe their eyes and their ears.

They’re only supposed to mouth platitudes and recite pre-determined narratives that are so far detached from reality every one of them should probably be committed.

What that in mind, you’d thinking city employees would be treated to a round of education involving Antifa and its like-minded left-wing extremist ideology.

But no.

The Blaze has additional details:

Portland Antifa militants have been physically attacking law enforcement, destroying property, ganging up on regular citizens, bullying elderly women, setting fires to buildings, and engaging in numerous forms of mayhem — including murder — on a nightly basis for months.

Yet Portland officials just received “anti-white supremacy” training due to the “threats” that the alt-right and white nationalists pose.

Portland City Council and city bureau directors attended training on the history of white supremacy and its “devastating impact on Portland and the nation,” the city said in a news release, adding that the move stems from a 2019 council resolution condemning white supremacist and alt-right hate groups.

The move also reflected a Core Values Resolution the council passed in June — and among the adopted values is “anti-racism.”

“We made a commitment to becoming an anti-racist city,” Mayor Ted Wheeler noted further, adding that the training “will help us understand the white nationalists and improve our response to the very real threats they pose to our community.”

Is he kidding? How is training focused on ‘threats’ tied to groups that aren’t even present in Portland, for the most part?

Shouldn’t city employees be learning more about left-wing groups…like Antifa?

Or are fireworks, attacks on police, and general mayhem, night after night, simply occurring spontaneously?

We have certainly entered a period of time when our reality is being tested like never before: Riots are peaceful protests; patriotism is nationalism; and Trump is an ‘authoritarian even though he’s not ‘taken away’ a single constitutional right or guarantee — unlike what Biden/Harris are proposing to do.

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