By Duncan Smith

President Trump’s legions of supporters experienced feelings of shock, concern, and empathy for him after he announced on Friday he had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Of course, Democrat voters and politicians said cruel, nasty things in response to the news because they are cruel, nasty people.

Nevertheless, the president is back at the White House now and his doctor announced Tuesday that he’s doing well and not experiencing any symptoms. Great news.

But the president himself took his diagnosis a little farther and claimed that maybe he’s no longer at risk for catching or spreading it.

Newsmax reports the details:

President Donald Trump said he might be “immune” to the coronavirus after he returned to the White House Monday evening, where he will continue his treatment for the disease.

Trump spent three days at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after he tested positive for COVID-19 Thursday. He was given several drugs to treat the infection, including an anti-viral, an antibody cocktail, and a steroid.

Trump released a video after his return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in which he said, “Now I’m better. And maybe I’m immune, I don’t know. We have the best medical equipment, we have the best medicines, all developed recently.”

Trump’s doctors said the president improved over the weekend after he was given the treatments, with White House physician Sean Conley saying he met the qualifications to be released on Sunday.

Some of the same left-wing nut jobs who chastised the president for ‘not wearing masks’ also wished for his demise — again, because they are lousy, crappy people.

But it looks as though they’re going to have to deal with a revitalized and, we hope, reelected president in just a few short weeks, healed of COVID and ready to keep America great for another term.

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