By Duncan Smith

Joe Biden has made a career, sadly, out of racist, bigoted, sexist remarks.

He’s been credibly accused of what essentially amounts to rape by former staffer Tara Reade (again, just this week in fact).

And we all know about his touchy-feely history around women.

And young girls.

The ‘creepy’ part of “Creepy Joe Biden” came out again on Monday during a campaign stop in Miami, and of course, the garbage leftist media is ignoring it because a) President Trump didn’t say it; and b) The media is the Democrat Party’s propaganda wing.

The New York Post has the details:

After their flight, the Bidens arrived in Miami, Fla., where they visited Little Haiti Cultural Center.

While there, he watched a performance by a group of school-age children before delivering remarks about how Hispanics would be supported under a Biden administration.

During his remarks, he had an awkward moment when he told the group of girls that he planned to come back and see them dance again, once they were 'four years older.'

'The good news is, for me, I'm here. The bad news, for you, is I'm coming back,' he said. 'I'm coming back, I'm coming back. And I want to see these beautiful young ladies, I want to see them dancing when they're four years older, too,' he quipped to the crowd.

The man is a bigot, a racist, a letch, possibly guilty of sexual assault, and a serial pervert when it comes to kids.

Remember the time he told the story about how kids loved his “hairy legs?”

Unreal. This is the Democratic Party’s nominee. Let that sink in.

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