By Duncan Smith

News cycles these days are long or short depending on what the ‘mainstream media’ wants to talk about — regardless of what really matters to a vast majority of Americans.

You may recall that just a few days ago all the media rage was over a New York Times report based on leaked returns that President Donald Trump only paid $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017, though he claimed to have made hundreds of millions.

What happened to that ‘bombshell?’

Katie Pavlich at Townhall has more:

Remember when The New York Times tried to stir up another Trump scandal by publishing a piece detailing how he supposedly avoided paying income taxes over the past 15 years? It seems like it was ages ago, doesn't it? 

But now, it appears that this smoking gun was shooting blanks. The faux furor over Trump paying only $750 in taxes in 2016 has all but disappeared from the airwaves as the corporate press attempts to use other stories to gin up outrage. 

In fact, it appears that the attention might be shifting to the legality of leaking Trump's tax documents to the Times.

The Washington Times noted, 'Republicans on Capitol Hill say the fact that The Times has what it claims to be Mr. Trump's tax data means 'there is a strong prospect that a felony crime was committed' by someone who leaked the legally protected information.'

Exactly. That was our first question from the outset: “Who leaked them?

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), the ranking member of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, which oversees the IRS said, 'To ensure every American is protected against the illegal release of their tax returns for political reasons, I am calling for an investigation of the source and to prosecute if the law was broken.'


The Times has not been forthcoming with the information it obtained. It stated that it would not release the records they used to write the report to protect its sources. Even though the report does not claim that Trump committed any crimes, others have attempted to imply that he has. 

It was apparent from the day the story broke that it would amount to nothing. After four years of caterwauling about President Trump's taxes, The New York Times failed to deliver on the promise made by the progressive left. The worst they have come up with is that Trump limited his income taxes through legal means.

There are some Americans, obviously, who are hung up about Trump’s taxes, as though what he pays or does not pay is any of their business.

But the vast majority of Americans don’t care. They would, however, be might upset if some loser from the IRS leaked their information to a local newspaper out of spite, of that we’re certain.

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