By Duncan Smith

Well, if ‘voter enthusiasm’ counts for anything, there certainly wasn’t much for the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket on Saturday in New Hampshire, a blue state Democrats have consistently won for years.

A rally held for Biden/Harris featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) drew tens of people — not hundreds, and certainly not thousands — providing more anecdotal evidence that there is near-zero enthusiasm from the Democratic Party ticket.

Breitbart News reported:

A small crowd turned out to see Bernie Sanders campaign for Joe Biden in New Hampshire on Saturday.

Sanders was stumping for Biden in the town of Lebanon.

'Bernie Sanders takes the stage for a distanced rally for Joe Biden in Lebanon,' Adam Sexton of WMUR reported, posting a photo of a handful of people there to see the socialist senator:

But that photo was not taken from a deceptive angle. There were only tens of people who turned out.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party posted a video to Twitter revealing the paltry turnout:

‘Socially distanced.’ You bet it is; as in, vast numbers of Democrats ‘socially distanced’ themselves from the event entirely.

Now, before the “yeah, but” crowd kicks in with the excuse that Sanders headlined the event and not either Biden or Harris, let’s recall that Sanders often out-drew Biden in terms of crowd size during the primaries. Also, the enthusiasm for him was sky-high among his base.

Plus, wherever Biden does go, crowds have remained small throughout his candidacy, which Trump pointed out Tuesday during their first debate.

The Biden camp and his sycophantic supporters in the media have made all kinds of excuses for the difference, usually that Biden’s events are less-attended because of ‘social distancing requirements.’

Whatever. If the man could draw flies, they would flock to see him like Trump’s supporters do.

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