By Duncan Smith

When you’re a Democrat governor running a Democrat state and tracked by Democrat-aligned media, you can get away with murder.

Sometimes literally.

Earlier this year as COVID-19 was ravaging nursing homes because the virus affected older Americans with preexisting conditions much worse than any other demographics, the not-so-genius Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered nursing homes in his state to take COVID-19-infected patients.

Yes, he really did.

Some 6,500 patients of these eldercare facilities died.

The New York Post, which followed this abject stupidity closely throughout the pandemic-laden summer, report that Cuomo is now living in fantasy denial (and getting away with it):

Gov. Andrew Cuomo denied this week that his state Health Department's controversial March 25 order saying nursing homes could not bar admission or readmission to a resident based on a positive COVID-19 test had anything to do with the over 6,500 deaths in those facilities related to the virus.

'That's not why they lost a loved one in a nursing home. Your question — the premise of your question is just actually wrong. People were lost in nursing homes, were lost because that's where the virus preys.

'The virus preys on senior citizens,' he claimed, smacking down a Finger Lakes News Radio reporter during a media phone call Wednesday.

'There's a whole report done with data. The way the virus got into nursing homes was from two possible carriers — before we even knew about it,' continued the governor.

'The staff, working staff, at the nursing home brought in the virus, or potentially family members before we stopped family visits brought in the virus and this happened at a time back in February when we didn't even know the virus was circulating in New York State, that's how the virus got into the nursing home,' he said.

More from The Post:

Cuomo has defensively pointed to an internal report conducted by his own state Health Department and widely criticized by medical experts, politicians and family members who lost loved ones in facilities to the virus.

Experts like Catherine Troisi, an epidemiologist with the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, ripped the DOH-issued report released in July, arguing the analysis lacked sufficient information including data on nursing homes that were free of the deadly disease before being forced to admit infected patients.

Gov. ‘It Wasn’t My Fault’ rescinded his order May 10, by the way, which issued in the first place because he’s also ‘Gov. Woke.’

“At the time, he argued the former policy was put into place to prevent discrimination against sick patients upon admission or readmission by facilities,” the Post reported.

Yes, well, the virus wasn’t racist or discriminatory, either; it killed sick, infirm eldercare patients equally.

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