By Duncan Smith

The Chinese have once again come out in support of their presumed presidential puppet, Joe Biden, and it should be alarming to every American as to why.

Namely, the economy, which has emerged, again, as one of Americans’ top concerns heading into the November election.

Thanks to the solid economic base President Trump and Republicans have built, as Democrat mayors and governors continue to open their cities and states and ‘allow’ their citizens to reopen businesses and offices, unemployment is tanking and the economy overall is beginning to rebound bigly.

One of the reasons why is because Trump and his trade team have remade a series of ‘free trade’ agreements that are better for Americans and American companies.

In fact, the president was on the verge of getting a deal done with our biggest trade competitor — and national security competitor — China, but Beijing blew that deal out of the water with the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, China is now signaling that it is backing Biden again over the issue of trade: They know that Biden, whose son Hunter reportedly has business ties to the Asian economic giant, will never push to get a better deal for American companies and farmers.

Which, of course, will harm our country economically and continue to allow China to incur massive trade surpluses at our expense.

The Washington Free Beacon has more:

A Chinese state-owned securities conglomerate singled out Joe Biden for praise as a “rare candidate” who supports trade policies favorable to the country’s Communist government, according to a translated copy of a company research report obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The analysis, drafted by Guotai Junan Securities and posted publicly on its website during the U.S. primaries, identified Biden as the best candidate out of the major Democratic contenders on China trade policy. The report provides a glimpse into Beijing’s assessment of Biden and other U.S. political leaders, as well as a list of U.S. states that China perceives as battlegrounds for its national policy interests in the 2020 election.

“Former U.S. vice president Biden, who currently ranks first in the Democratic Party's approval rating, is a rare candidate who opposes the Sino-U.S. trade friction,” said the report. “Biden has expressed his opposition to Sino-US trade frictions on multiple public occasions and believes that 'all the wrong methods’ have been used to deal with Sino-U.S. trade.”

Biden, the report continued, was one of “only four Democratic candidates [who] believe that Sino-U.S. relations can complement each other for a win-win situation.” The other candidates named were Andrew Yang, Seth Moulton, and Wayne Messam—all long-shot contenders who never hit above single digits in national polling.

There you have it: Yet another reason why no American should back Biden.

He’s China’s preferred candidate.

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