By Duncan Smith

Do you remember a decade ago when Democrats finally lost control over the House, thereby ending the party’s control of all of Congress and the White House?

The 2010 elections were likely what saved our country from becoming a massive version of Venezuela — and a country forever in the throes of Democrat control.

In the two-year span between 2008, when Obama won and Democrats took both chambers of Congress, until 2010, massive new regulations were implemented along with laws that gutted our private healthcare industry, changed the financial industry, and put our economy in a slug-fest with growth.

Republican victories managed to hold off the worst of what Obama and his left-wing Marxist sycophants really wanted — his vaunted ‘fundamental transformation’ of the country,

Well, if Democrats win everything again in November, they’re going to end the filibuster in the Senate.

So what, right?


“Filibusters allow senators to hold the floor for as long as they want, thereby preventing legislation from being passed. The Senate can only end a filibuster with 60 or more votes,” writes criminologist John Lott at TownHall.

Well, if there is no more filibuster, then a slim Democrat majority can then just ramrod through any legislation they want, to be signed by Joe Biden.

And what are Democrats planning with their new majority?

Scary, country-ending stuff.

As Lott notes further:

The changes Democrats would bring could produce a very different country. Let's look at their top priorities.

Biden promises on his first day in office to present legislation that would give citizenship to all of the estimated over 22 million undocumented immigrants in the country. The promises of free health insurance and citizenship, not to mention lack of border enforcement, would likely encourage even more illegal immigration into the country.

Democrats' national platform promises to 'stand united against' state voter photo ID requirements and the cleaning up of voter registration rolls. They also propose to make the United States the only country in the world to mandate mail-in balloting.

Democrats promise statehood to Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, thereby changing the Senate's makeup by adding four reliably Democratic seats. They could pass campaign finance laws that make fundraising extremely difficult for challengers. They could even impose a new 'fairness doctrine' that would eliminate conservative talk radio.

President Trump's 200 federal judicial confirmations have only just brought the courts into conservative-liberal balance, with Democratic appointees still controlling circuit courts for 24 states, plus the D.C. circuit court. But Democrats can quickly undo this by passing legislation that expands the number of seats on these lower courts, ensuring massive judicial majorities on every circuit.

The Democrats' platform this year includes gun bans and other regulations such as licensing and registration. This would quickly pass. Free speech would no longer be so free, as 'hateful' speech would be criminalized. 

It gets worse — things like nationwide ballot harvesting, giving more power to teacher’s unions, and banning most freelance work are also on the table.

It’s ugly. And it would destroy our country’s founding.

That’s what makes getting rid of the filibuster with a Democrat majority so dangerous.

If you know any Trump-supporting conservative who registered to vote but isn’t planning on voting in November, do whatever you have to do to get them to the polls.

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