By Duncan Smith

The hard-left Democrat Party has literally spent decades taking over the public education system, mostly by controlling the teacher’s unions.

In the process, they have also adopted policies and curriculum that have kept our kids in public schools longer throughout the day.

They introduced school breakfast. They implemented ‘after-school care’ for working parents.

And now, for some reason, the left-wing education establishment is turning kids out of the public schools, ostensibly to protect them from COVID-19 (though study after study has shown kids and young teens are not at risk of getting deathly ill from it).


We think we know: Because the left-wing elite that do not send their kids to public schools are moving to dumb down generations of kids on purpose, and they’ve seen coronavirus as their pathway, vis a vis ‘online learning.’

Well, online learning sucks, for lack of a better term. It’s no replacement for in-person learning, according to real teachers like Lisa Lewis, a licensed elementary teacher in Virginia with a master’s degree in developmental and child psychology.

She writes in The Federalist that keeping kids out of school is harming them, and likely permanently:

I have taught many children to read through a national virtual program called Rhyme & Reason Online. So I know firsthand that teaching by video conference can be highly effective. It enables me to meet with my students multiple times per week for short lessons, with little or no inconvenience to their parents. This arrangement is ideal for phonics instruction, where short drills work best and repetition is the key. That is not the case for all academic disciplines.

Along the way, I have learned some hard lessons — lessons that school administrators who are now plunging their entire districts into virtual learning have little time to learn. First and foremost, I've learned there is no way to effectively teach young children via video conferencing, whether on Skype, Zoom, or any other technology, except in very small groups. It does not work well even with as few as five students, let alone 10 or more.

Second, teaching by means of video conference requires that teachers work closely with parents to manage their child's computer, internet speed, camera, audio, headphones, workspace, background noise, and lighting. This is a big task, and each child who is added to the call complicates it exponentially.

Third, I've learned that some parents, no matter how well-meaning, simply cannot do what is necessary to make this type of instruction work for their child. They might, for example, insist that the only workspace available for their child is the middle of their kitchen, with a steady stream of family members walking in and out and loud appliances running in the background. They might have an unreliable internet connection or faulty headphones, causing their child to drop in and out of calls frequently. They might have other young children at home whose noise levels they cannot adequately manage.

Any one of these problems, if it persists, can be a deal-breaker.

Left-wing Democrats who control our public schools are setting up the first generation of American kids to fail, and they’re using COVID-19 as the excuse.

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