By Duncan Smith

No one of sound mind and body wants to even contemplate nuclear war.

But unfortunately, the nuclear genie has been released from the bottle — a long time ago, and by us, in fact — and cannot be put back in.

So we have to deal with the reality that a nuclear exchange could occur at some point if global war between two similarly-equipped foes ever breaks out again.

But that said, one of the best ways to prevent nuclear war is to be prepared for it, which is precisely what President Trump appears to be doing.

A key arms control agreement with Russia is set to expire soon, and our always prepared president is looking ahead because he’s hyper-focused on keeping our ready for any contingency.

The UK’s Daily Mail notes:

The Trump administration has asked the military how quickly it would be able to pull nuclear weapons out of storage and load them onto bombers and submarines should an arms control treaty with Russian be allowed to expire, a report suggests.

Made to the US Strategic Command in Nebraska, the request is said to be part of a strategy to pressure Moscow into renegotiating the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) before the US presidential election, three sources told Politico.

The Trump administration reportedly believes that making the request outlines how serious they are about letting the agreement lapse should Russia fail to meet their demands.

The sources said Trump's team is leery that Moscow is attempting to prolong the talks beyond the November vote in the hope that Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins the election. They believe that Biden’s proposals for New START renewal may be deemed more favorable by Russia.    

'It's a clear signal that the costs for not negotiating before the election are going to go up,' one of the sources, speaking on the grounds of anonymity, told Politico.

Our first instinct, always, is to be perturbed at the intelligence insiders who leak this highly classified information.

But sometimes governments ‘authorize’ such leaks to send a message to a potential opponent.

This very well could be one of those times a message is being sent.

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