By Duncan Smith

It’s becoming more obvious by the day that the “Black Lives Matter” movement isn’t about saving black lives at all.

Rather, it’s a group of political opportunists who utilize certain incidents and tragedies to advance a radical Marxist agenda.


This is just another case in point, the latest, actually.

Via Law Enforcement Today:

Rahmeisha Smith had not told anyone in her family that she was pregnant. She was planning to surprise the father. She wrote it all down on a box she was going to use as part of that surprise.

Family members of Smith discovered the box. 

'We went in her house to search through her stuff she wrote down on a box it was going to be a surprise for the child's father she didn't tell the family she didn't tell anybody,' said one of her sisters. 

It turns out that it was a secret she never got to share. She was shot and killed on her front porch last Thursday. 

Local KDSK adds:

Detectives found the 24-year-old unresponsive on her front porch. Relatives say her 2-year-old daughter was right beside her.

“I have to look at my niece that keeps saying where mommy, where mommy, how we goin explain this to a 2-year-old where mommy at.” said Dickson.

They described smith as a loving mother who stayed to herself. They don’t believe she was the intended target, and they want neighbors to say what they saw.

“It ain’t no snitching when its my loved one… so I don’t care like literally please.. its not another unsolved murder that’s going to get pushed under the rug. like all these murders and nothing getting solved .. what y’all waiting on for them to keep going by and shooting innocent people,” said Dickson.

The silence from BLM types isn’t just deafening. It’s hypocritical and pathetic.

Now you know why millions of former fans were so appalled by the including of BLM messaging into pro sports: They know that the movement is a farce and that it’s real objectives is to ‘transform America’ the way Barack Obama wanted.

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