By Duncan Smith

Several analysts we respect asked early on in the COVID-19 pandemic — and we’re talking March when cities and entire states first began ‘shutting down’ — what the endgame would be in terms of reopening their cloistered economies.

Recall we were all initially told that shutdowns would be very temporary — just long enough to “bend the curve” of infectious spread.

But nearly all of the analysts we consulted said the same thing: Shutting down because of the presence of virus would mean that the virus would have to be completely eradicated before reopening could occur, otherwise, what is/would be the point of shutting down businesses, restaurants, schools, gyms, and everything else with the exception of food and big box stores?

And these analysts also predicted something else: That the closures would remain in effect far longer than we were being told, and that they would economically devastate entire city centers, perhaps permanently.

Turns out they were right.

The Washington Post has more details:

It's evening rush hour in the nation's capital, and the McPherson Square Metro station on a September Tuesday is all but empty. Thousands once squeezed at this time onto the trains departing from the heart of downtown Washington, two blocks north of the White House. Now, the descending escalator steps carry only the shards of a broken bottle of Power Malt.

Above ground the scene is no less eerie: No honking horns or screams from sprinting commuters trying to flag down the Circulator bus. In what seven months ago would have seemed a suspension of the laws of physics and urban planning, jaywalking is possible at the corner of New York Avenue and 15th Street Northwest.

From Los Angeles and Chicago to Boston and New York, central business districts find themselves deserted in the seventh month of a pandemic that has killed more than 200,000 Americans and left millions unemployed. And as hopes of a quick recovery sputter, fear is rising that a long-term collapse of downtown economies could soon become irreversible.

Two things.

First and foremost, Democrats and the Biden campaign are trying to pin all of the unemployment and economic destruction on President Trump — the man who literally ordered no cities and no states (and, hence, no businesses) to shut down. In fact, Trump was pushing to have economies reopen by Easter Sunday in mid-April, if you recall, and he was, of course, ripped mightily for it by some of the same Democrats who are now trying to blame these hollowed-out city centers on him.

Secondly, our cities would, in fact, quickly rebound if the Democrats running them would implement the Swedish approach to the virus and stop keeping everything shuttered. Trump’s economic policies and trade deals have given our country a massively solid economic underpinning with huge potential for growth — just look how quickly things bounced back when states did finally begin reopening earlier this summer.

Naturally, the garbage media won’t frame the issues in this way because the garbage media exists to protect Democrats.

But the fact is, if Democrats don’t lift restrictions and ‘allow’ people to go back to work in the city centers they used to inhabit, then yeah, those city centers are going to be permanently destroyed.

Just don’t let these fools blame it on the man least responsible for the virus or the economic fallout from it — Donald Trump.

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