By Duncan Smith

College and university campuses in the 1960s were hotbeds of free speech and expression.

But they were hotbeds of left-wing speech and expression — that’s the part today’s Marxists who run most ‘institutions of higher learning’ won’t tell you.

Then, as now, the hard academic left is teaching our young people how to be militant, perpetually angry, disrespectful of our governing institutions (if they are run by Republicans) and outright intolerant of anyone and anything they don’t agree with.

We’ve seen numerous instances of triggered privileged brats mobbing conservatives and their speakers and guests on campus

But now a group of propagandized students at a college in Massachusetts are angry about an off-campus rally in support of President Trump and the men and women of law enforcement.

The Blaze reports on the outrage:

Students at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, are furious after the school refused to stop an off-campus rally in support of President Donald Trump, police officers, and law enforcement officials.

According to a Thursday report from Campus Reform, students became enraged after finding out about the rally and attempted to pressure the school’s administration to stop the offending event.

Students were made aware of the rally through a posting on the Instagram page “BIPOC at Mount Holyoke.”

A portion of the post read, “I know that most students aren’t on campus, but there’s a ‘Back the Blue’ (pro-police) and pro-Trump standout at the village commons in South Hadley this weekend. It’s right across the street from campus. I’m only reaching out because I hope student pressure on admin can create a response from the college.”

According to the outlet, “multiple organizations” created a petition against the event in support of safety for “LGBTQ+ and POC members.”

Got that? Not only can’t conservatives and Trump supporters honor the president on police on campus (where they, too, pay tuition and expenses to attend like every other student), now that can’t have an event off-campus. And yet, Trump and conservatives are called “Nazis.”

One more thing: Literally no rallies that support Trump and cops endanger the “safety” of anyone, let alone minorities or LGBTQ persons. Can you think of the last time you even heard of Trump and police supporters attacking anyone?

We can’t, either. But we can think of plenty of occasions where they were attacked by these perpetually outraged and brainwashed leftists.

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