By Duncan Smith

Ben Shapiro is reliable for one thing and one thing only: Controversy.

Yes, he’s got some conservative bona fides, but just when you think the former #NeverTrumper has fully embraced real-deal, America-first, small-government conservatism, he massively disappoints.

Like, say, when he voices support for more gun control at a time when militant left-wing groups are burning cities, looting businesses, and terrorizing communities.

As Big League Politics reports:

Shapiro reiterated his support for gun control after being questioned during a recent appearance on a call-in show hosted by the Young America's Foundation, the organization that rails against cancel culture in spite of the fact that they tried to cancel Michelle Malkin just last year.

'Though President Reagan in the 1980s claimed to be pro-gun and defend the 2nd Amendment, President Reagan created stricter gun control laws, and you oppose the legalization of machine guns and fully-automatic firearms. How do you rectify this belief with being pro-2nd Amendment and why do you believe the line should be drawn at these guns?' a questioner asked Shapiro.

The former 'Never Trump' leader responded that it is his belief that the 2nd Amendment only applies to 'guns that are in common use' and that if the guns are not determined by government officials to be in common use, that they can 'theoretically be restricted by the state.' Shapiro said that he would even consider voting to ban these types of guns in his community.

'I think that everybody acknowledges on all sides of the 2nd Amendment debate, particularly even on the more libertarian right, that there are going to be limits,' Shapiro said. 'There are lines to be drawn. That is, the machine gun is a harder line, but one that I think can be drawn, but I think anything beyond that is going to be very difficult to restrict.”

Here’s a clip of it:

When Americans start accepting ‘limits’ on fundamental constitutional guarantees, there will be more ‘limits.’ Then more. Then more.

That’s why we have so many gun control laws on the books now. We’ve accepted ‘limits.’

Literally every gun law on the books right now that restricts Americans from owning or bearing any firearm is unconstitutional. The plain language of the Second Amendment makes that clear: There is no equivocation. It says, plainly, the right shall not be infringed. And since the Supreme Court has ruled that the federal Constitution applies to the states, then all state gun control laws are null as well.

This includes machine guns; they are still guns. This includes allowing people who have committed felonies to own guns; the Second Amendment has no caveats.

If you want to curb illicit gun use will laws and policy, then simply make certain uses of guns intolerable for a civil society.

Use a machine gun to mow people down? You’re getting the death penalty, period. And so on.

Shapiro probably doesn’t even know that once upon a time, private companies were able to purchase Gatlin guns to secure their cargos.

We can’t accept ‘limits’ on fundamental constitutional rights. Ever. Because the left won’t stop with just a few of them.

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