By Duncan Smith

It’s no secret that President Trump is no fan of illegal immigration.

One of the pillars of his first campaign was tacking the issue — ending anchor baby abuse; building a wall, banning sanctuary cities, and ending the practice of forcing American taxpayers to subside people who have no legal right to be in the country.

Trump’s record of accomplishments in these areas has been spotty, but he’s been thwarted every step of the way by a recalcitrant Congress (including some Republicans) and political activists on federal courts.

But he hasn’t given up.

Now, his administration is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court (which will likely have another Trump-appointed justice before long) to let the president exclude illegal aliens from the U.S. Census — not because of ‘racism’ or ‘bigotry’ but rather for a very good, practical reason.

Newsmax has the details:

The Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to let the president exclude illegal immigrants from the census count that determines the allocation of congressional seats and federal dollars.

The administration on Tuesday appealed a three-judge panel's ruling that Congress hadn't given the president authority for the policy. Acting U.S. Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall asked the justices to expedited handing of the case and potentially hear arguments in late November or early December.

Federal law requires the administration send to Congress the census tally by Jan. 10.

Trump issued a memorandum in July laying out the plan to exclude illegal immigrants. Advocacy groups and states including New York quickly sued, saying the president was trying to manipulate the count and deprive Democrat-leaning areas with high immigrant populations of congressional seats.

The Supreme Court last year blocked the administration's effort* to include a citizenship question on the decennial census.

*That would be Chief Justice John Roberts, the faux constitutionalist who fooled George W. Bush into appointing him.

CNN noted that Roberts initially was going to side with the administration but, as he did to save Obamacare, changed his mind:

For the most part, Roberts’ opinion in the census case laid out why Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had significant latitude to add a new question. He was joined by his four conservative brethren on that point. But then the chief justice swerved, and joined by the four liberal justices, said Ross’ justification for the citizenship question, tied to enforcing the Voting Rights Act, was contrived.

After the justices heard arguments in late April, Roberts was ready to rule for Ross and the administration. But sometime in the weeks that followed, sources said, Roberts began to waver. He began to believe that Ross’ rationale for the citizenship question had been invented, and that, despite the deference he would normally give an executive branch official, Ross’ claim had to matter in the court’s final judgment…

Did you catch that? Not only is Roberts a pretend constitutionalist, but he’s also a mind-reader as well.

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