By Duncan Smith

Rep. Ilhan Omar is a Somalia native.

You’d think anyone born in that hellhole of a failed country who made it out — to the United States, land of opportunity, especially — and then rose to Congress would be extremely appreciative and harbor feelings of gratitude and happiness, no matter what.

But Omar doesn’t feel that way.

She constantly complains about the country that adopted her and gave her the opportunities she has had.

She hates the country that opened its arms to her.

So it makes sense she would join the most hateful, vengeful, cynical, and diabolical party in the country: The Democratic Party.

The party of slavery, KKK, secession, civil war, and Jim Crow segregation.

And hate.

As evidenced by the reaction of Joe Biden voters following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Democrat left went nuts, threatening riots, destruction, and death — all because they hate their political opponents so badly they would sacrifice the country to deny us the ability to govern.

Case in point: Two volunteers for Omar’s Republican challenger in her Minneapolis district were shot Friday, one of them fatally, for the ‘crime’ of political difference. And oh, by the way, the GOP volunteer who didn’t make it was 17 freaking years old.


Lifezette has more details:

Two innocent volunteer staffers for the Republican campaign that is opposing Rep. Ilhan Omar were shot on Monday. One of the them, Andre Conley, died from his injuries. He was 17 years old. The other is recovering from the shooting.

That is what it has come down to in American politics, oppose Bolshevik tyranny and Islamist hate and wind up dead on the streets of a city. The killing, as Omar herself has applauded the murderous violence of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, seems too close to leftist standard operating procedure to merely discount as coincidence. A suspect was caught on Thursday.

'It is shocking and unnecessary acts of violence like this that prove why change is needed now more than ever in our community,' said the Republican nominee against Omar, Lacy Johnson.

This is Ilhan Omar’s district. It is her city. It is her party.

The party of hate and violence.

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