By Duncan Smith

Without the need to question her left-wing tendencies, we will say that the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s quarter-century career was marked by several milestones.

No one, even those who disagreed with her judicial opinions, can say she wasn’t accomplished. And we hope and pray she is finally resting comfortably after losing her battle to cancer — one that she has fought off and on for years now.

But no sooner than news of her passing broke, the same left-wing lunatics — in entertainment, in the media, and just in the country generally — lost their collective minds and threatened to burn down all that Ginsburg helped build by rioting if President Trump and Republicans in the Senate dare to do their constitutional duty and appoint her successor.

And so on. Some on Twitter mockingly asked how Americans would be able to tell the difference between the regular ‘defund the police’ riots and the RGB riots, but that’s a conversation for another time.

Beckett Adams, writing at the Washington Examiner, pointed out in a Friday column the hypocrisy and lunacy of reacting to RGB’s death and the constitutional process to replace her — approaching election or not — with calls for violence.

He writes:

Liberal activist Amy Siskind said, 'Democrats you all better fight as hard and as dirty as the Republicans have before. No butter knives at gun fights — fight for us and we will have your backs.'

She cannot possibly consider the conduct of Democratic lawmakers during the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as the equivalent of a butter knife at a gunfight. Or maybe she does. Yikes.

Here is a wild thought: If your first inclination following the death of your favorite Supreme Court justice is to call for riots and revolution, you were always just a fan of that justice's politics, never the institutions she served.

Hell of a way to honor her memory.

Well said.

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