By Duncan Smith

So, just to be clear, Democrats and their socialist/Marxist allies want you to know that a) any event where Americans can exercise their constitutional freedoms is a dangerous ‘coronavirus super-spreader event’ but b) any and all tightly-packed protests and riots and looting sessions are perfectly safe (and protected by the Constitution).

Got it?

That helps explain why and how New York City’s commie hack mayor, Bill de Blasio, can justify allowing and even participating in ‘social justice demonstrations’ but forbid New Yorkers from attending the traditional Thanksgiving Day Macy’s parade.

The Daily Wire has the details:

On Monday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that although the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will not be canceled, it will not be held along the usual 2.5-mile parade route but instead just featured as a televised broadcast.

'It will be a different kind of event. They're reinventing the event for this moment in history, and you'll be able to feel the spirit and the joy of that day on television, online. Not a live parade but something that will really give us that warmth and that great feeling we have on Thanksgiving Day.'

He added, 'New York City is always proud to join Macy's to ring in the holiday season with New Yorkers and viewers around the world. We've worked closely with the Macy's team on a safe and creative plan this year, and we look forward to keeping this tradition going on Thanksgiving Day.'

Instead of growing a pair, the Macy’s parade organizers jumped right on board the virus lockdown train.

“For the first time in its more than 90-year history, the annual Macy's Parade will be modified to safely bring the magic to more than 50 million viewers nationwide on Thanksgiving Day, while maintaining all of the spectacle and wonder of this cherished holiday tradition.

“This year the celebration will shift to a television only special presentation, showcasing the Macy's Parade's signature mix of giant character helium balloons, fantastic floats, street performers, clowns and heralding the arrival of the holiday season with the one-and-only Santa Claus,” the organizers said.

Sporting events without fans. Concerts without an audience. A parade without spectators.


Seriously, New Yorkers, why in the world do you continue to put up with this grotesque, offensive political hack who is destroying your city and your culture?

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